Usually the underside of the tail wears down more and more when skating until the tail becomes so thin that it almost tapers to a point. This is not only uncool if the board hits the shin, but also a death sentence for your deck when doing freestyle tricks like pogos or caspers.

Skidplates are designed for exactly this problem: To protect the nose and tail of your board and to avoid ‘razor tail’. Some Freestylers also like the additional grip during fingerflips or pogos or like to slide over half of the freestyle area on their tail without the need to worry about their board.

In any case you should have some on your deck if you skate Freestyle regularly. Your wallet will thank you and your deck will last way longer.

You will find all kinds of skidplates in different sizes, shapes and even colors – you can find the right shape for every deck.

The most common skidplates in our store are the YOYO skidplates – handmade with a lot of experience by the german freestyle legend Joachim “Yoyo” Schulz. We are also happy to mount the skidplates on your decks for free!