New Never Enough Decks arrived!

14 March 2023

With the new Always More Cat Decks, our new Team Decks for 2023 are available! Available in two selected shapes for you: – Freestyle Deck with Rocker Concave in size 7.8″ x 28.8″ and a wheelbase of 13.25″. This a medium size freestyle deck with an early 90’s inspired shape! The Rocker Concave has a […]

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The new Speed Tigers Freestyle Wheels!

3 February 2023

With the Speed Tiger Wheels, we can present you today our new freestyle skateboarding wheel! In collaboration with Über Skateboards we combine these wheels the properties such as speed, agility and lightness of a regular street wheel with the additional offset necessary for freestyle skateboarding. The offset is essential for all Rail – and Primo […]

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Smile it’s Skateboarding!

4 January 2023

Because that’s what Blast Skateboards is all about! Founded in 2022 in Brixton/United Kingdom, with the intention to start something fun and inclusive for everyone who feels like skateboarding on or off! With this idea in mind, stickers were quickly made which turned into t-shirts, t-shirts funded the decks and ten years later, with a […]

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On the Boards and ready to go!

16 December 2022

With our complete boards you can start right away! All boards are already professionally matched with the appropriate components such as trucks, wheels, bearings, griptape and the matching hardware. We have a large supply of complete boards from Über, Inpeddo, Globe and Lousy Livin for stocked up in our online store assortment. In the price […]

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Many new Skateboard Rails!

8 December 2022

We have a lot of new skateboard rails available in our online store for you! The rails under your board help with many grabs, protect your graphics on the deck and slide much faster and easier on boardslides. With the rail sets from Inpeddo Chop Sticks, Creatue Serrated, Santa Cruz Slimline or the Parking Block […]

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